Hey, my name is Steve.   I am a photographer currently located in Christchurch, New Zealand. I took darkroom photography in 6th and 7th form and then, on leaving high school did a diploma in digital photography for a couple of years. Since finishing that, I have continued to pursue my interest while working as a Medic in the NZ Army.

I have a particular interest in black and white photography, as I think they create a lot more drama and mood in them.  Like many past photographers in the dark room, I use dodging and burning in them to increase contrast in certain areas and to draw the eye.

With my colour photos I avoid changing what I saw at the time and instead try to match it accurately.  For this reason I am a huge fan of graduated neutral density filters.

These filters help the camera capture a much larger dynamatic range because usually sensors are a long way off being able to capturing what the human eye can see during times where there is light and dark areas of a scene.


My old trade name was wildsouthimages.co.nz